Following engaging the services of SSKB, we will generally recommend convening a meeting with the key contracted consultants for the project. You may not deem this necessary due to the scale of your project, however where possible we suggest gathering:

  • You, the developer.
  • Your Solicitor
  • Your Project Manager (if applicable)
  • Your surveyor, and of course
  • Us (SSKB).

This meeting coordinates the parties, so everyone understands the timetable and responsibilities.  The meeting commences with the concept plan being tabled and you run over the basics of the development, including the crucial development approval conditions.

Invariably there are decisions which require all of these parties’ input. Having everyone present when the decisions are made not only ensures everyone is on the same page, but it also saves you from having to revisit and recommunicate the decisions.

The results of these meetings will be documented in the off the plan sales contract and associated disclosure material.  There may even be changes to your design and build plans.  All of this saves you money and protects your off the plan sales.

The result is a disclosure document attached to the contract of sale, which fulfils your developer statutory obligations, and provides agents with an accurate picture of the product they are selling on your behalf. It also gives buyers the clearest-possible picture of the finished product.  Said disclosure statement is prepared by your solicitor using components from all engaged consultants.

The disclosure statement must: 

  • Identify the proposed lot, which is usually done via a rudimentary plan. 
  • State the date by which the seller must settle the contract for the sale of the proposed lot. 
  • Outline the amount of annual contributions reasonably expected to be payable to the body corporate 
  • Include for any engagement of a person as a body corporate manager or service contractor for the scheme proposed to be entered into after the establishment of the scheme; 
  • The terms of the engagement 
  • The estimated cost of the engagement to the body corporate; and 
  • The proportion of the cost to be borne by the owner of the proposed lot 
  • Include details of all body corporate assets. 
  • Include the proposed community management statement. 
  • Identify the regulation module.

If you would like to learn more about your requirements for disclosure and how we can assist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with SSKB at the below.

Oliver McCall
Development Consultant
0411 352 409

Michael Lovell
Development Consultant
0438 318 565

Bradley Jones
General Manager
0414655 284