Online shopping, amplified through a pandemic, is becoming the new normal. What does this mean for Bodies Corporate…loads of deliveries and loads of parcels.

When designing your next development, big or small, considering space for a parcel lockers is going to provide peace of mind for owners that their precious deliveries are not left out in the elements, and are safe and sound in a locker. As it becomes more prevalent in the multi-residential space, there are a range of providers offering parcel installation and the on-going booking software.

Certain considerations need to be made when determining the number of lockers required. Sure, if you’re developing a 300-lot high-rise, providing 300 lockers isn’t going to be feasible given the space required. However, providing 30, 40, 50 lockers? This is going to allow occupants to hire out a locker for the day, acquire their parcel, and it can then be used by another eager online shopper expecting a parcel the following day. It might even be that a portion of the lockers are cold-store for those using meal deliveries that need refrigeration. There are a range of options to ensure owners are enjoying the benefits of the lockers.

The occupants aren’t the only beneficiary from using parcel lockers, the building manager is freed up from dealing with deliveries throughout the day and can focus on their duties as a caretaker. Now, it might be that going forward, when you intend on installing parcel lockers, it’s included in their duties to monitor or even look after the booking system. But the idea is they aren’t having to deal with Aus Post / DHL / Star Track driver throughout the day and are also not left having to sign for parcels.

On the other end of the spectrum, smaller scale projects 10-20 lots, are only going to require a very small space for 5-10 locker, however the benefit is massive. Accessible lockers for deliveries and they can leave their apartment for the day knowing their parcel is safe and secure, waiting for them at home.

If you wish to discuss how you could benefit form parcel lockers in your next development, please feel free to get in contact below:

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