The Role of Property Developers in Queensland is Under Review

The Minister for Public Works has flagged the role of Property Developers in Queensland for review.  As part of an overhaul of the Queensland building and construction industry laws, the below section was added to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission ACT (QBCC Act) in July 2020.  115D Review of role of developers:  The Minister [...]

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Lot Entitlements – What are they? And how are they calculated?

When we provide the developer with a budget for disclosure, it will always be accompanied by an engagements schedule. This schedule outlines each lot’s: Annual Contribution to the; Administration Fund Sinking Fund Insurance Any contract the Body Corporate has entered Total weekly contribution in $, and, Their Contribution and Interest Entitlements In short, contribution [...]

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Electric Vehicles in Bodies Corporate

As electric vehicles (EV) become more mainstream in our society, the need to have readily available charging stations is growing. Despite the demand for charging stations being limited, it is probable that owners and tenants will one day view charging stations within community living as the ‘new normal.’ The increased use of EV’s has [...]

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Principal Body Corporate vs Building Management Statement

What is best suited to your next development? Given the levels of complexity involved, setting up a multi subsidiary scheme can seem like a formidable task. Especially if it is your first time developing something in this space and you have previously only worked on single scheme projects. Fortunately, there are two relatively simple [...]

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What are the underlying benefits associated with Strata Titling an Industrial Estate?

‘Industrial Estates’ have been around for a long while, however in recent times strata titling within industrial and commercial estates has become a talking point amongst many developers. Traditionally these estates have been developed as industrial land blocks one next to the other.  There is nothing binding these land blocks together. This raises the question as [...]

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Parcel Delivery in the Age of Online Shopping

Online shopping, amplified through a pandemic, is becoming the new normal. What does this mean for Bodies Corporate…loads of deliveries and loads of parcels. When designing your next development, big or small, considering space for a parcel lockers is going to provide peace of mind for owners that their precious deliveries are not left [...]

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What role do I play once my development has registered with the titles office as a Body Corporate?

As soon as reasonably possible after registration, we will assist you in holding the First Extraordinary General Meeting. In this meeting, there will be a range of motions passed such as; entering into contracts, striking levies, and, electing the committee. As you are the the sole owner of all lots at this point [...]

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Things Are Looking up for the Queensland Property Market

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on the economy and on many industries throughout the world. In Australia, the property industry has been relatively lucky in surviving the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. In Queensland in particular, the last couple of months have seen a huge increase in property prices across the state. In [...]

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What are management rights and do I need them?

Management rights is a common part of community title development in Queensland, and it is a highly effective form of property management.  While not as common in other states of Australia, it is also available as a service for bodies corporate in those states. Management Rights provides for economic synergies by combining the various [...]

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