How to Budget For a New Development When Delivery May Be 3 Years From Today

November 24, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

Could you imagine any successful business without a budget? For some time now, there has been a push towards improving and shortcutting the grueling processes of planning and budgeting across professional industries. Budgeting is a part of life (or should [...]

Dealing with uncertainties in a pandemic world: Strategies to stage both a townhouse scheme and an apartment scheme

November 8, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|

No matter where you reside, uncertainty is all around us and never more so than today. The pandemic has reached every corner of the globe and has changed the way we think, act and plan across all industries. Strata [...]

Emerging Trends in Common Areas

October 13, 2021|Categories: Property Trends|

Many lot owners buy into strata titled properties because of the common property areas. Living in a strata property allows lot owners to be able to access facilities that they previously may not have been able to attain if they were purchasing in a free-standing house.  With the increase [...]

Why is Bulk Supply of Utilities a Great Idea for Body Corporate Cost Savings?

September 20, 2021|Categories: Business, Property Trends|Tags: , |

Utility infrastructure is one of the areas that developers are consistently reviewing in order to save precious capital costs. Utility pricing has become a hot topic in recent years, and not just for energy consumers. As developers face rising costs [...]

Bracing for the Brisbane Olympic Property Boom

September 15, 2021|Categories: Property Trends|

Property prices in Australia are at an all-time high in many states due to the effects of COVID-19. While many cities and states are wondering when property prices will stabilise, Brisbane are bracing for an even higher property price increase due to the recent announcement that they will host the 2032 [...]

Inflating Property Prices – When Will it End?

August 31, 2021|Categories: Property Trends|Tags: , , , |

If you live in Australia, chances are you will be surrounded by news, articles and conversation about the inflating property prices due to the effects of COVID-19. Queensland in particular has seen property prices rise due to an influx of residents from Victoria and New South Wales as they move [...]

The Increase of ‘Premium’ Apartments in The Ever-Growing Property Sector

August 18, 2021|Categories: Property Trends|

Premium apartments require a unique approach in design. Premium apartments are an active segment of the property market now. The premium segment of the market requires a finely crafted approach to all aspects of design. So how do you design [...]

The Role of Property Developers in Queensland is Under Review

August 4, 2021|Categories: Property Trends|

The Minister for Public Works has flagged the role of Property Developers in Queensland for review.  As part of an overhaul of the Queensland building and construction industry laws, the below section was added to the Queensland Building and Construction [...]

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