“Unravelling the potential restrictions and limitations that may arise when installing electrical vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on Body Corporate Common Property.”

As electric vehicles (EV) become more mainstream in our society, the need to have readily available charging stations is growing. Despite the demand for charging stations being limited, it is probable that owners and tenants will one day view charging stations within community living as the ‘new normal.’

The increased use of EV’s has created an issue in Community Title Schemes. Understandably, not all apartment owners may see the appeal in driving an Electrical Vehicle, let alone pay for services whereby the whole of the body corporate does not benefit. When considering the options available to developers, there are a series of factors that need to be considered: –

  • How much real-estate should be allocated to electric vehicle charging?
  • Where should EV charges be located?
  • How will electric car charging be managed?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the upkeep on the charges?
  • How will energy usage and charging rates be managed? 
  • What level of EV charging will be relevant?

The installation of EV Charging Stations will differ depending on where the station is installed. The two most likely scenarios would be a request for installation in an exclusive use area or on the common property. To address some of the above issues, one method a Body Corporate could adopt in administrating a common property EV charging station is through the adoption of a By-Law in the Community Management Statement.

Although the process of installing charging infrastructure may seem complex, the overall Body Corporate can benefit from proper planning. Some underlying benefits of installing this infrastructure includes: –

  • Increase in property valuation of all apartments in a block which is EV charging ready.
  • Increase in rental income and more attractive for green minded residents.
  • Reduce emissions from combustion engines in enclosed basement car parking for all residents.

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