Top 4 Secrets To Successfully Selling Property Projects

SSKB’s Developer Consultancy Team has worked on hundreds of successful projects and the very best of them have four common ingredients.

Even during tough market conditions, developments which have these four elements have sold quicker than freshly baked hot cross buns during Easter.

  1. Staging – Townhouses projects which are staged in smaller deliverable chunks create better funding and cash flow.
  2. Price Point – Both apartment towers and townhouse projects have a price point especially for the investor that is affordable (i.e. under the $500K mark).
  3. Design – The scheme outgoings have been considered in the design of the project. e.g. using precast concrete doesn’t require ongoing painting; Sites that are tight, but workable design minimise cost; carefully considered facilities (do you really need that pool, spa, sauna, tennis court? Does it give the market edge or simply add cost?).
  4. Outgoings – are thoroughly researched, feature no nasty surprises and plan for more than just the first year. Investors are looking for stability, not special levies. Make sure the outgoings are “real” based on interrogated budgets with live insurance quotes, quantity surveyor-prepared maintenance fund reports and that do not use estimates but living running costs for a different Owners Corporation within the local area.

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