The First AGM as a Developer

The 1st AGM as a developer

The original owner (the developer) is responsible for holding the 1st AGM. As a developer your developments 1st AGM is unique as there are special provisions and requirements that must be met in order to hand over the development to the new Body Corporate. These requirements are specified within the Act and the 5 separate regulation modules under the Act.

  • Standard Module: Chapter 4, Part 2, Division 2, Section 77
  • Accommodation Module: Chapter 4, Part 2, Division 2, Section 75
  • Commercial Module: Chapter 4, Part 2, Division 2
  • Small Schemes Module: Chapter 4, Part 2, Division 2
  • Specified Two-lot Schemes Module: N/A

The two triggers to call the 1st AGM are when fifty percent of the lots are owned by persons other than the original owner or 6 months have elapsed since the establishment of the scheme. The meeting must be called and held within 2 months of either of these events occurring. Specific documents must be handed over to the Body Corporate at the 1st AGM by the original owner (the developer).

Apart from addressing all the statutory requirements as outlined in the Act and regulation modules, you may also wish to submit motions regarding the further allocation of exclusive use areas or motions regarding the appointment of a Caretaker Manager.

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