More and more mixed-use developments being presented to the planning departments as the trend grows to encompass more integrated facilities in the latest developments.

The flexible approach to ‘live, work and play’ means the opportunity to include the latest available technology and one of the most popular of these new features is electric vehicle recharging systems for both commercial, retail and residential customers.

Benefits of Installing Commercial EV chargers in your Car Park

  • Meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Provide leadership to your workforce
  • Enhance environmental image with economic feasibility
  • Reduce Greenhouse emissions and improve local air quality
  • “Green” company image enhances your brand
  • Reduced cost of maintenance, servicing and fuel
  • Save on your work commute cost

Installing an EV charging station in your developments car park promotes more than just the green credentials of a property, it also highlights the development as a progressive leader in technology. Commercial charging stations indicate a commitment to sustainability and positive social awareness

Car Park Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

When it comes to installing an EV charger in your car park, it’s important to choose a robust, weather-proof brand that’s backed by the world’s leading EV automakers. By installing a universal EV charger your property will attract more customers, increase their time on premises and make your car park a regular visitation spot. It will serve to boost trade within the retail sectors.