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A recent introduction to industrial estates is the formation of a strata community system. As this system allows for higher standards of maintenance and as a result, enhanced property value, industrial areas are taking advantage of the benefits.

Gone are the days of an industrial park being a cluster of rusty sheds and poorly maintained verges. Well-known industrial areas like Pradella’s ‘Metroplex on Gateway’ project in Brisbane uses the body corporate/owners corporation system to great success and won awards for excellence.

The enormous success of such a project has provided SSKB with the opportunity to share the intellectual property in many more developments of its type throughout Australia.


Commercial and retail premises are increasingly being structured using a body corporate/owners corporation.

Commercial offices are often developed as an entire strata community and can be sold as individual office space, or as a whole building for sub-leasing by the owner.

SSKB is involved in this type of development regularly, including the refurbishment of buildings that also transfer to strata. An example of this is Bay Village on Hastings, a highly successful refurbishment of a large retail area subdivided into 32 smaller individual strata space.

Commercial development is also being seen as a part of a bigger land subdivision, like Calypso Bay at Jacobs Well. They have included retail and commercial space including a shopping center, a tavern and a child care center, all located within their large residential development.


Even rural areas can take advantage of using a Community Title Scheme and a Standard Format Plan to provide a higher level of property maintenance.

The recent purchaser trend into “green change” or “eco’” developments, indicate that people are looking for retreats to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

These areas can be benefited by a body corporate/owners corporation structure by maintaining the (often) vast landscape aspects of these developments. They are usually a standard format plan.

Areas like Cape Gloucester in North Queensland are utilizing the body corporate/owners corporation system to provide such a project. The monitoring of sensitive environmental areas is another issue the developer is using to benefit the purchasers in various projects.