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High Density & Mixed Use

Integrated High Density

Integrated High Density sites may require a precinct wide management plan or other titling entity solution. Two examples are Queensland developments, RNA and Central Village, both of which incorporate a higher level of overarching governance.

This overarching governance is utilised to achieve site/ precinct wide outcomes in areas of amenity, cost sharing, architectural or site wide design guidelines/infrastructure.

The development sites under the overarching governance can incorporate the costs and document requirements within the relevant applicable titling structure to flow into the schemes located under the over arching “umbrella”.

RNA, for example, has established a site-wide management agreement to share the cost of amenities, which all development lots delivered by Lend Lease will encompass.

Central Village through Developer Metro Property has established a site-wide principal body corporate over the site to incorporate the value-added landscape, basement and management arrangements within key areas to enable the cost to be shared amongst the subsidiaries to the scheme.

Mixed Use

The use of community titling is very common in today’s mixed-use developments.

A mixed-use development is a combination of any of the previous headings in one project. For example, due to the differences in use, commercial has a different value and purpose than that of residential so it is now widely accepted to have a layered scheme body corporate/owners corporation or a Building Management Statement (BMS) governing the site.

Examples of mixed-use developments SSKB has consulted on include:

  • Emporio on Sunshine Coast by Reed Property
  • Central Village by Metro Property
  • Hamilton Harbour by Leightons/Devine
  • Mosaic by Leightons
  • Royal Pines Resort on Gold Coast
  • Couran Cove on Gold Coast
  • Metroplex on Gateway in Brisbane