Every Detail Matters- Development Consulting

Every Detail Matters

From Development Consulting to Strata Management, SSKB’s effective communication and established protocols result in an efficient, streamlined service ensuring a successful outcome for our clients.

At SSKB we have developed a unique way for developers to take their project from the planning stage in seven crucial steps.

These seven steps which we have created are:

1. Discovery
When working with SSKB, discovery is the initial step. This involves us participating with all of the other consultants, such as architects, solicitor and surveyor, talking about what is unique in this development. Each development has its challenges and individual vision, in this stage we discover the unique parts of your development and what it takes for it to be delivered and managed expertly.

Our Developer Consultants will work with the right people, ask the right questions and will conduct an internal project audit using current and relevant information to implement informed and strategic decisions.

2. Initial Consulting
Initial consulting is where our consultants use the information gathered through the discovery process to ensure budgets and all required strata deliverables are aligned with the real-time, live delivery of the project. This is a crucial step to have an experienced and skilled strata consultant involved to ensure a successful delivery for off-the-plan sales contracts and preparation of disclosure material.

3. In Disclosure and Under Construction
Throughout the disclosure period we will monitor sales of the property and any feedback received from the consulting project team. We can also provide tailored FAQ’s to ensure there is no ambiguity regarding strata queries in all project communications. During construction we will continue to provide ongoing consultation and advice in relation to any project directional changes, strata levies and timelines.

4. Pre-registration
Pre-registration is a critical point in the development process. In all our projects we utilize our tailored pre-registered checklist, which will mitigate risk and liability for your development.

Pre-registration is where the sales and buyers queries are occurring. We work with your sales team to help them understand and explain to buyers the ins and outs of their body corporate including how it is established and the on-going management process.

5. Registration
Registration occurs when the survey plans are registered in the titles office creating the individual lots within the scheme and common property.

Once our consultants are notified of registration, we ensure all documents are consistent and accurate and, once finalized, prepare the necessary documentation for the First Extraordinary General Meeting. Following this we will finalise our agreement and provide resolutions.

6. First EGM
When registering the scheme, the Developer Consultant will review the agenda for compliance and ensure all appropriate contracts and agreements are signed off by the developer whilst they retain full control.

7. Settlement
At settlement we will ensure a smooth transition to your Community or Owners Corporation Manager through a thorough handover process.

We will induct your Building Manager and highlight warranties and requirements that must be adhered to for safety and compliance using our ‘Fact Finder System’.

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