Developers Put The Cool In Sustainable Development

Developers can play a leading role in creating sustainable development projects where the built environment works in harmony with nature.

Thoughtful design can address two major challenges of urban living:

  • Natural light; and
  • Green spaces.

Natural Light

The beneficial effects of natural sunlight on health, well-being and productivity are well documented.

Healthy bones, better sleep patterns, mood regulation, and work productivity are all strongly linked to adequate exposure to natural sunlight.

High rise towers in cities reduce access to natural light by the shadows they cast. One academic is on the record as saying cheek-by-jowl design are ‘vertical slums’.

But smart developers are employing imaginative solutions to let the sunshine in.

High rise buildings are being designed to minimize the impact of shadows. More direct and active solutions are also being engineered to regulate light and heat.

For instance, Sydney’s One Central Park has moveable mirrors that reflect light onto shaded areas below, or block the sun during the scorching summer.

Green Spaces

Mitigating the effects of Urban Heat Islands (UHI) in cities is a serious challenge for governments and urban planners. And developers have a leading role to play in creating these sustainable development projects.

Built up environments are 5°C hotter than surrounding areas which places demands on electricity supply as people reach for the fan and air-conditioners to cool down and deal with heat stress. (Source: )

In fact, more deaths in Australia are caused by heatwaves than from bushfires. One hundred and eighty people died in the 2009 Victorian bushfires which followed two heatwave events that killed 432 people in Victoria and South Australia.

Green canopies as part of streetscaping is being undertaken by many local authorities as they invest in urban forestry projects. A 40% green canopy target by 2040 has been committed to by councils in Melbourne and Ballarat.

Including green spaces in a sustainable development can play a significant role in reducing the effects of Urban Heat Islands. Green spaces through streetscaping and urban gardens can cool the surrounding area by as much as 6°C.

New Spaces

Developers, as well as the environment, can also benefit from creating green space in new schemes. Not only are these areas attractive to potential purchasers, but they are also easier to install and less expensive to maintain compared to other types of common property.

The investment of a few thousand dollars into a thoughtfully designed roof top facility can also increase property yield, as ground floor space that might have been devoted to common areas, can be transferred to the roof top.

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