Brisbane Riverfront Refresh

Brisbane riverfront refresh

After being in review all year, the Brisbane River waterfront is on the list to receive a revamp in the attempt to become a world-class city riverfront.

The Waterfront is a great resource for Brisbane residents and city workers. It is filled with bars, restaurants, cafes and more. However, Brisbane City Council are jumping on the opportunities that the waterfront presents and have released a master-plan for the City that outlines the main actions and changes to the riverfront.

The refresh of the riverfront has been summarised into four components: promenade shared space, engaging public space, river access and materials and landscaping.

Promenade Shared Space

An eight-meter-wide promenade is on the list along the full length of the City Reach Waterfront. The unobstructed promenade will allow pedestrians to use the space differently and improve how the space functions.

Engaging Public Space

An important aspect in the masterplan is to make the public space more engaging. This will be achieved by integrating public art and installing additional lighting along the riverfront. The lighting will improve the pedestrian experience and make it easier to walk to new destinations on the riverfront such as Howard Smith Wharves.

River Access

Brisbane is known as the river city. Connecting people to the river will strengthen this message. This will be achieved by exploring options to relocate and consolidate City Cat and ferry terminal infrastructure.

It is also proposed that a pedestrian and cyclist bridge will be created to connect Kangaroo point and the city centre.

Materials and Land Scaping

Materials and land scaping will be used to create a polished and cohesive look for the water front. Consistent materials will be used to create the promenade to ensure a refined look.

Significant trees will be maintained during the revamping process. They will be used as centerpieces of the waterfront’s landscape.

Opportunities to improve access to open spaces and enhance public appeal is also being explored.

Have Your Say

Residents, City Workers, Developers and more are welcomed and encourage to have their say on the proposed plan.

Public consultation on the Brisbane City Website will remain open until December 9, the final masterplan will be released next year.

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