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2019 year in review

2019 Year In Review

2019 has seen many changes that have effected the property industry. From the historic low cash rate...
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Brisbane riverfront refresh

Brisbane Riverfront Refresh

After being in review all year, the Brisbane River waterfront is on the list to receive a revamp in ...
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Market update - Sunshine Coast

Market Update – Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is booming with development. From the Sunshine Coast light rail project and the N...
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Scheme Termination

Scheme Termination

As buildings begin to age, scheme termination is becoming more common throughout Australia. As schem...
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17 million dollar sale

17 Million Dollar Sale

Following the resolution of a long-running dispute over the sale of Village Square, the scheme has n...
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Market update - Gold Coast

Market Update – Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has entered the list of international high-end property markets scoring 27th place on...
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Market update - Brisbane

Market Update – Brisbane

What is the Brisbane market currently doing? With many Australian states experiencing a down fall in...