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Approval Reports & Titling

Approval Reports

SSKB has a team of professionals who can provide support to developers right from the initial purchase of a new project site.

We provide a consultative report on titling options, detailing the positive and negative aspects of each option for the project. This report also contains a breakdown of key stakeholders and their potential rights within the scheme.

This report is designed to assist developers in the early planning stages prior to the Development Approval. Incorporating our report into a pre-planned management strategy reduces the number of information requests, which in turn saves our clients both time and money.

Titling Reports

Unique sites may require an alternative titling structure, such as Easement sharing networks for various components to be able to relate. Royal Pines Marina Precinct is one such recent model, utilising the easement network model for the best possible outcome.

This is another example of how our Developer Consulting Team can assist with alternate titling models for the more unique projects.


SSKB offers consulting services for development sites where a leasehold arrangement is required or needs to be considered.

Under this model, the land or area is not owned by the end parties, but rather a lease is granted over the site with a structure similar to a scheme put in place. Working through these models early with an SSKB body corporate/owners corporation consultant ensures that any considerations relating to rules and infrastructure are finalised.

Company Title

Schemes can be registered as a Company Title; examples are Great Barrier Reef Yacht Club Villas, Poinciana Lodge and Magnetic Island Marina. Companies still have common areas, whether they are owned or under lease, with the legal documentation supporting them, such as articles, rules and governance provisions.

Consulting and establishment services are unique and require a comprehensive system to ensure compliance, especially where ASIC is involved as there are strict notification requirements and financial penalties for non-compliance with Company provisions.